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Outreach to Battered Women’s Safe House

For Christmas, the Palestine, TX Community Lighthouse prepared a nice Christmas dinner and served the women currently living in the Battered Women’s Safe House in their county. Seven of those who attend the monthly Lighthouse meeting cleared the vetting process and were able to enjoy the meal and fellowship time. For those who wanted prayer, the team was able to pray individually.

Frieda Reed, President of the Palestine Lighthouse said it seems that each year the children in the Safe House receive plenty of gifts, but the moms never receive gifts. This year, Aglow gathered ten large gift bags filled with gifts that were given to those who managed the Safe House. The report back to the Lighthouse was that as the gifts were handed out on Christmas morning, the women were filled with excitement. Several of them expressed that it was the best Christmas they had ever had. 

Favor rests upon the Palestine Lighthouse as they are the only outside group who is able to go inside the shelter. Because of strict confidentiality and safety reasons, no pictures are taken of the event to protect all involved.