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Mountain Movers

As Cathy Caylor, Regional Director, prepared to go to Washington, D.C. for their annual prayer trip, she sensed the Lord calling them to be ‘Mountain Movers’. The scripture is found in Matthew 21:21-22 where Jesus said, “Listen to the truth. If you do not doubt God’s power and speak out of faith’s fullness, you can also speak to a tree and it will wither away. Even more than that, you could say to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and be thrown into the sea,’ and it will be done. Everything you pray for with the fullness of faith you will receive!” (TPT)

Cathy and those going with her felt that they would be praying for the Mountain of Government to remove the evil control and to release God’s Presence, and His will, upon all mountains of society. They each took a sphere of influence that they focused on to prayer over.

Arriving on September 11th the team of Mountain Movers joined Sean Feucht for a candlelight service as he led a crowd in worship and prayer on the National Mall. It was a powerful time with special key note speakers addressing the group. Sean made mention that since last years’ time of worship in DC, every case involving religious freedom that has gone before the Supreme Court has been decided in the favor of religion freedom!

On Sunday morning the group was driven around to different embassies where the team made prayer declarations. Their next stop found them at the Supreme Court where they joined others in a time of repentance on their knees and prayer.

Then the proceeded to the White House. Cathy noted that God’s Presence did not seem as tangible there as it was at the Supreme Court.

The team was able to meet personally with several ministries and people in Government positions where they have established relationship through the years of going into DC. Through it all, the team prayed, took communion, encouraged others in ministry, and declared all God sent them to do.

Let God arise and His enemies be scattered! Psalm 68:1