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Reset Webcast Testimony

When the New Hampshire Area Team invited the Aglow family to view the recent Reset Webcast with them, they had a very interesting incident.

The night before showing the first session, the team had a time together in Area President, Barbara Shepler’s backyard around the fire pit. Around 8:30 that evening, they stopped adding wood to the fire, letting it die down before going in. It also rained during the night and none of them gave another thought to the fire, feeling sure that lack of fuel plus rain totally put the fire out. 

While it was still smoldering a bit the next morning, they were totally surprised to look out after showing the next session to see the fire fully aflame! It was a sign of great encouragement to them causing them to gather around Barb’s pond at the end of the second day to call forth fire, wind, and rain! 

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