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North Central PA Lighthouse Reopens

Thanks to Elaine Rice, President of the North Central Pennsylvania Area Team, for sending in the Area Annual Ministry Update and Area Annual Ministry Action Plan. As each report comes in from across the United States, we enjoy reading what has taken place in the last year, as well as, the plans for the coming year. 

The team is excited to announce that a previously closed Lighthouse reopened! Welcome back to Clearfield, PA Community Lighthouse! Linda Jones, Executive Director of the U.S. Field has said that even when a Lighthouse closes, in the Spirit it still stands waiting for new leaders to return. We welcome the new leaders and look forward to hearing how the group becomes the gift God has sent to Clearfield.

Elaine said that the team has facilitated two GameChangers courses and one group was in a local church. They were also able to meet with a person online to go through GameChangers and are looking at doing this more in the future. 

The DuBois Lighthouse held and all day Harp and Bowl session. Brookville Aglow offered help to students moving in to Clarion University. The Area participated in a state-wide prayer initiative in the air and by sea overseen by Helen Joy Dupree, the State Prayer Coordinator for PA. Each Lighthouse took the time to cover important places with prayer walks. The team has also spent time praying in Bradford, Punxsutawney, Kane, Emporium, Mahaffey, Fairmount City/Redbank area to see new Lighthouses come forth. 

Through the year, one lady continues to be free from alcohol and celebrated her one year mark. She attributes this to God and Aglow. Another lady after attending a Lighthouse meeting for the first time remarked, “You are all so powerful! I want what you have!” She has continued to attend the meetings.

Aglow was birthed by the Spirit and has continued to be led by the Spirit since. Holy Spirit is welcome as we gather and His Presence continues to define us year after year. Aglow has a prophetic word that there would be an Aglow group in every town, village, or city around the globe. If there is not an Aglow group in your town, would you consider starting one? We would be happy to connect you with someone near you to help guide you. Contact Us