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Ohio Miami Valley Area Team MapWhen the Ohio Miami Valley Area Team sent in their Area Annual Ministry Update, we rejoiced with them in the different ways Lighthouses have found to stay connected and to reach out. By using various social media platforms they found that more younger women are joining as well as those who were sheltering at home. One young mom led her daughter to the Lord after they both attended a local Aglow meeting. 

The Lighthouses have partnered with other ministries in the community to multiply their resources. Lives have been touched at a pregnancy center, a family parenting network, a home for young women, and local jails. Several are prayer walking and joining in community prayer efforts. 

One of the focuses they are highlighting is the power of the Holy Spirit and the need to be filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Aglow was birthed by the Spirit and has continued to be led by the Spirit. His Presence among us is what defines us. 

Jane Hansen Hoyt recently said, “To encounter the Presence of God is what everyone wants. They may not be aware of that; but it is what they are seeking. When people leave Aglow gatherings, they need to leave knowing they have been in the Presence of the Lord. That is the key piece in our ministry.”