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Open Doors in Public School

A few years ago, Cathy Caylor, US Regional Director, Northeast Region was involved with her local community VBS where she taught Hebrew dance and whatever else Holy Spirit laid on her heart.

Cathy writes,

I had a Shofar and volunteered to blow it for gathering the group together. I had so much fun and so did the children! During this time I met other adult Christians from various churches who were also helping.

One of the adults that I met was also a public school teacher. As she was preparing for a Social Studies lesson she was looking at a short video teaching about Rosh Hashanah and thought it would be nice to have a real shofar. Then she remembered me and texted me requesting to borrow my shofar. I responded by asking if I could come in person and blow it for the children.

She not only replied with a yes, but then asked me if I would also like to teach on Rosh Hashanah! I was so excited because I love teaching on the Feasts of The Lord and how Christians are connected to the Feasts. This was an Open Door from God!

The teacher told me that she was teaching on World Culture in her Social Studies class, and even though she may have a couple students who are atheists, it would be ok because the subject was World Culture.

I had been praying that somehow in our Region Holy Spirit would open a door for us to get into the Public Schools. So many children need to know the Love of God! God has poured His Love into me that in turn gets poured out to the children!

God freed me up to be able to go for the whole day and teach all five 3rd grade classes! It was so much fun and I was free to say whatever Holy Spirit wanted me to say.

One of the children remembered me from their after school program called the Good News Club where I portrayed the Woman at the Well. Good News Club is very special to me because that’s where I met the Lord. I was excited hoping that this conversation would also increase interest in the other children to also attend the weekly, afterschool program that is evangelistic, presenting the Gospel at each lesson.

After the day was over, the teacher told me she learned many things she didn’t know, and asked if I would like to come back next year? Of course I said yes, that I would love to. When I got home, I received a text from the teacher, telling me that she thought the children really enjoyed having me come! I was tired, but so excited and so thankful for the door God opened not only for this year but for next year and perhaps many more years to come.