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Addison Food Pantry Grocery Outreach

The Addison, IL Aglow Neighborhood Lighthouse puts out a jar at each meeting to collect money to purchase food for a food pantry. After the meeting the money is taken to a local grocery store to purchase bags of food which the store has pre-made. The store then delivers the bags the Aglow group purchased to a local food pantry.

One day as Nancy Crescenzo, Addison Aglow Lighthouse President, was putting the bags in her shopping cart, a woman told her that she was impressed by her act of kindness getting tears in her eyes, deeply touched. Nancy thanked her and explained that she was doing it in connection with Aglow. About 20 people attend their monthly meetings and they raised over $700 in 2019.

God has placed Lighthouses in each community as a gift. If your community has a Food Bank, what could your Lighthouse do to provide needed supplies to help those in need? And if your community doesn't have a Food Bank are there those who might benefit from an extra loaf of bread or a gallon of milk? Maybe even a bag of diapers? If everyone does a little, the need will be filled.