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GameChangers at Wyoming Women’s Center

Rita Lewis has been on the Aglow Prison Ministry’s Freedom Team since 2002, and for the greater part of that time has been the praise and worship leader. Her heart’s desire during those years of leading worship at Wyoming Women’s Center has been to begin the meetings with anointed worship while inviting and acknowledging the Presence of the Lord.

Since her first Aglow GameChangers group in 2015, she has seen upgrades in her life. A newness and freshness is upon her as she shares GameChanging truths at WWC and at a Home group through her Church. She has facilitated the GameChangers study three times and the LifeChangers study twice. Rita has been heard to say, “I will be teaching these Bible studies till Jesus comes!”

Rita finds so much excitement and courage as she watches others encounter the truths from Game and LifeChangers in ways they have never heard it before. She wants all to know that Father God has already richly provided for all our needs in Jesus Christ. Just believe!

Rita and her husband, Max, have been married for 30 years and are still having fun together.

If you have not experienced the life-changing truths in Game or LifeChangers, you can find these courses on the Aglow store.

And if you have been through the courses, consider these short, true stories that have been combined with GameChanging truths to refresh what you experienced as you journeyed through the courses.