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Recently, Marlena Putman, Co-President with her husband, Patrick, of the Middletown Couples Lighthouse sent in the Evidence of Transformation on Lighthouse Teams form. What a bird’s eye view she gave of how the Holy Spirit is propelling the Kingdom through their group.

One of the practical ways they reached out in previous years was through Birthday Boxes left with the local Food Bank to distribute to families in need. Each box, wrapped in birthday paper, contained the basic ingredients for a family to have a small birthday party. Imagine opening this special box and seeing a cake mix, icing, napkins, plates, a plastic table cloth, a birthday banner, and a birthday card from the group. What a way to bless a family who is experiencing a difficult time. This can be replicated in towns around the world.

Over the years, the group has built a strong foundation of prayer. Each August before school begins, the prayer group divides into smaller groups and walks the grounds of each public school, as well as the grounds of Church schools. They include day care centers, too, and remember to pray for the students, teachers, coaches, staff, and administration. They have walked the grounds of two churches that were established over 250 years ago, calling up the fullness of those ancient wells. Not only does Marlena post the Grace cards on Facebook, they have used the cards as they walk and pray, spreading Grace with every step they take.

Next, Marlena shared plans for the future…..plans that Holy Spirit has been stirring deep within them…..plans that will take them out of the comfort zone of their meeting place. Their desire is to place flyers in Food Banks, grocery stores, gas stations, etc, that will reach people who possibly feel misunderstood, overlooked, or need salvation. They will create a safe place, a loving place for all to come to the table where they can find love and acceptance through the Gospel. This desire fits perfectly with Aglow’s new ministry brochure. Check it out in the Aglow store.

Lastly, placing themselves out in the community with a heart to draw in young moms and families, a future plan is to set up on a Saturday morning at a soccer or lacrosse game, maybe a football game, and offer coffee and donuts. They have made themselves known in the community by attending other events held by other groups. This has allowed them to connect with people who may never come to their Aglow meetings.

God has placed Aglow geographically and spiritually in communities as a gift to be experienced as they shift atmospheres and pave the way for the Holy Spirit to do His work.

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