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Healed of Neck Pain

“For the last year or maybe a bit longer I’ve had this awful pain in the left side of my neck,” writes an Aglow Headquarters staff member. She continues, “Sometimes my neck feels like it’s being choked, and it feels very tight and painful.”

“Yesterday I put some anointing oil on my neck and just said, ‘Lord, heal my body as you did the woman who reached out to touch your garment.’ I haven’t had any pain since then!”

“This morning on my drive into work I was convicted as I drove. The very human thoughts came of, 'well, it doesn’t hurt now, but I can’t say it’s healed because it will probably come back.' That is when I heard the Lord very clearly tell me, ‘Do you think the woman who touched Me went back home and said, 'well, I’ll probably have these problems again.'

“So today I am proclaiming out loud that I am healed!”