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29 Palms Lighthouse Aglow Meeting

2019 02 26The 29 Palms Lighthouse in California began the year by presenting each attendee with a special ‘Fruit of the Spirit’ goody bag. Each bag had a CD of Jane Hansen Hoyt reading scripture, a Grace card, a pair of ‘2019’ glasses,  a 'Lord You Said' card, an Aglow pen, and a 3X5 card for each person to write down one identity statement starting with the words ‘I Am’. Several stood and read their statements aloud, encouraging everyone.

Our focus was on GameChangers and the many tools available for us to use as we journey through the year.  We had a fun time as each person put on their ‘2019’ glasses and took turns reading their Grace and Lord You Said cards. The glasses serve as a reminder to see each situation as God sees them realizing that an upgrade is hidden in each one.

We closed the meeting with everyone reading aloud the Who Do I Say I Am statements. It was powerful and seemed to change the atmosphere in tangible ways. When we began the meeting it was a rainy day and as we left, a rainbow was seen by all.