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Conference attendees

The Aglow U.S. Conference is just days away now, and anticipation is building. After receiving a phone call from Carol Torrence, South Central US Regional Director, Kimberly Wiant, Director, Human Resources & Operations relayed Carol’s excitement to the staff.

Kimmy writes,

“I just got off of the phone with Carol Torrance. After answering her questions, she started telling me about the excitement she has been seeing and hearing in her region about Aglow in general and the conference. She mentioned to me that she is in contact with people who haven’t been involved in Aglow in YEARS, but are getting excited all over again and are planning to come to conference. One lady in particular was so excited about conference and can’t wait. She said the fresh excitement for Aglow in her region is bubbling over. She wanted us all to know that our work here at the office makes a difference even when we may not see or hear about it often. She also sends us all her love and thanks us all for what we do.”

2018 is the right time to walk in the fullness of all that Jesus died to give us. Spokane, Washington, is the right place to experience that fullness.

Onsite registration begins Thursday, November 1st. Can’t make it in person? Register for the webcast which includes access to the Leader's Summit, Right Time Breakout Sessions, as well as all of the General Sessions with Jane Hansen Hoyt, Chuck Pierce, Dutch Sheets, Lance Wallnau and Graham Cooke.

Visit TheRightTime2018 website for conference details, a conference blog after each session, and announcements. 

See you there!