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Recently, Victoria Blodgett, Regional Director of the New England Region, tried a creative idea to generate funds beyond the tithe to the General Fund at Headquarters.  

Victoria said, “I remember an idea that a group used when Aglow’s Global Conference was held in their region. Holding a used book sale, they raised funds to help International leaders attend the Global Conference.”

It was a successful endeavor, and Victoria asked people in her region to bring good, used books to donate for the sale, raising funds for the General Fund at Headquarters. Cleverly, Victoria said that it was the ‘right time’ to invest!

People donated children’s books, novels, cookbooks, spiritual books – all kinds of wholesome books. Placing them on tables in high traffic areas, people could make their selection and give a donation. With just a few tables and volunteers to keep the tables filled with books, those attending the New England Regional gathering donated $366 to the General Fund.

Thank you, Victoria, for this creative idea of how to turn extra books into tangible funds to help propel the work of the ministry forward!