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“This was our third event focused on Human Trafficking and we definitely feel like it is gaining momentum. Our goal in Union county is to raise awareness,” writes Evelyn Daniels, Monroe NC Lighthouse President. “We had at least 5 different churches present at the brunch. One specifically sent a representative to take notes so that she could report to her church what was done, and learn how they can get involved in raising awareness in their congregation.”

“Our speaker, a 2nd generation victim of sex trafficking, did an excellent job of sharing what life is like from the perspective of a sex trafficking victim. It was very eye opening to say the least, and what she and many others experienced and are experiencing is horrendous. She walked us through the emotional and physical struggles that victims deal with, and she walked us through certain personal items that most victims carry on them at all times, which was very interesting.”

“She did this to help us identify if someone is being trafficked. What came forth very strongly was how these victims were family people and yet they found themselves trapped in this vicious cycle.”

“Our hearts were torn and I believe we got a glimpse of what the Father feels about the victims and the perpetrators. It fueled our passion even more to say that we are going to continue moving forward with our mission to raise awareness and in doing so to be a voice for the voiceless.”

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