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“Our Spring Leadership Training event was an advancement into the next new season of Aglow,” writes Linda Farrar, VP of Special Events, OR SW/CA NW Area Team. “We showed the Dutch Sheets DVD and covered the new mantling and direction for Aglow that we received from the Jubilee Conference in Virginia. It was intense. The Lord shared with us ahead of time not to pay attention to the atmosphere around, but to stay focused, keep our eyes on Him, stand by each other, and have each others backs because there is strength in unity. Our question and answer sessions were very open. The honesty that poured out of the Lighthouse Leaders was amazing as we shared heart to heart.”

“Prior to the event we got together to pray and hear God’s heart, strategies, and direction. He gave us a picture of several objects spiritually placed in the meeting room. There was a place where we all stood under an open portal and prayed making declarations and decrees. One woman shared a dream she had many years ago of a great harvest coming to the area we had our meeting. She saw a sword and jewels, which was one of the pictures that was given to us in prayer time together.”

Linda continues, “I believe we have entered into the new mantling God has for us.”

As Dutch Sheets remarked about the Richmond gathering, “There is an amazing weight of the Holy Spirit on this gathering.  It is more that an anniversary.  It is a new mantling, a re-commissioning. New doors are opening and what has been accomplished through Aglow is small fruit compared to what God is going to do.”

If your team has not seen the messages from the Richmond conference, we are asking that you take the time to do so. This is a time when God is watching our responses as we align with His plans.