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Recently Sara Arroyo, Aglow Colombia National President sent us a beautiful testimony of a strategic connection made during the Aglow International Conference in Jerusalem in 2019.

Sara said, “In September 2019, a good group of Colombians attended the Aglow International Conference, which was held in Jerusalem. It was our first visit to the homeland of our beloved Savior and our hearts were overflowing with joy.

We arrived three days before the event and visited the places that tell the story of the presence of Jesus in the streets of that city and neighboring towns.

Before we left Colombia for Jerusalem, we had received a special invitation to visit Bethlehem. It was made by a resident of that city. He is the son of a Colombian father and a Palestinian mother; and due to his father's friendly ties with one of our leaders, he wanted to give the group a meal at his house. He was visited and we enjoyed his hospitality, but we wanted to repay his kindness by praying for him and his family. By allowing us to pray, we were able to speak to him of Jesus Christ - preaching His Gospel to him.

Following the conference, the global pandemic hit. Our meetings were virtual, which allowed us to accompany him in his process of spiritual growth. We saw with great joy how he included his family in the process and began to win others, forming a community of believers in Bethlehem.

This coming October, three members of the Aglow International National Board in Colombia will be in Israel. They will accompany a commission from the Colombian Foursquare Church, who will take charge of the church that was born from the seed sown, by Aglow Colombia in Israel. Let the Glory be His for centuries.”