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Reactivate the Wells

Many good things are happening in the nation of Uruguay. Valeria, Aglow Uruguay National President shares, “God has blessed us exceedingly. We have really been surprised by God in this time.”

All of the Aglow groups have prayed and pressed in asking God for direction. Through each group God has imparted very creative ideas for them to reach out to their communities. Because there are so many things happening in several places this report will highlight one of these groups.

Essence Aglow Group

Recently formed, the Essence Aglow group consists of currently single, divorced, and/or widowed people. They meet online to promote self-knowledge, listen to experiences, expose common issues in order to learn and prepare for a better stage. A topic update is carried out on the past month and the meeting topic begins on the importance of self-knowledge and learning to be good with oneself before starting a relationship.

Some members of the group tell their experience based on the beginning of a new relationship during the past month. The group is proposed to present topics to be discussed during the meetings according to the needs of each one along with being as interactive as possible, giving them the opportunity to participate.

Uruguay Leaders

Every Thursday, leaders from all over Uruguay meet on the Zoom platform to pray for international, national and local leadership of Uruguay and Rio Grande do Sul, and, also to join with the Global Prayer Targets prayers published on the Aglow website.

“Ever since the Aglow Conference our prayer has been that God would reactivate the wells that are inactive in Uruguay. God has been answering our prayers” – Valeria Bottino De Lopez, Aglow Uruguay National President.