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Aglow Venezuela declares WE ARE AGLOW WOMEN!

On March 8, Aglow Venezuela celebrates International Women's Day. They praise God for calling a handful of women from the United States to start an unprecedented ministry 54 years ago. These women out of a desire to share their faith in God, have now extended to nearly 170 nations of the world with men, elderly, young people and children now involved.

Aglow men and women are fervent in spirit and serving the Lord. We are now a multitude. As a movement of the Kingdom we work so that God’s divine will established in Heaven may be established on earth. We fulfill the mandate to change hearts as we reach every nation, and so everyone may have eternal life and attain His purpose.

Pioneering women and leaders who discovered with time that we are protagonists of great feats that Our Creator has written in His book of special notes. He rewards us for having seized His call. We are like John the Baptist preparing the way and achieving triumphs while we wait for the Groom with the oil arranged in our lamps.

We are women created by divine conception during a deep sleep of the man who God placed beside us. From one of his ribs close to the heart we were created to be protected as jewels and loved forever. God the Creator designed us with unmatched strength and support to face adverse circumstances.

Man supports with his muscle strength, and women with emotion and tenderness that covers his roughness. Women have the ability to resist in painful situations and rip the label of weakness from our forehead. And with added value, we are significant in being able to conceive in our womb His inheritance. Together with man, we conform to the safety of the home, instructing children with the Word of life, and complete the unequivocal family seal.

God made us precious stones: daughters, mothers, sisters, wives, aunts, sisters-in-law, mothers-in-law, pleasant perfumes of our God. We are Aglow women! — Dalila Villasmil, Aglow National Secretary Venezuela