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Prayer for Aglow Venezuela

Please continue to pray for our Aglow family in Venezuela where they continue to suffer under the restrictions of their government. Even the best television channel where they could receive news from within their own nation and the world was closed for a month. Electricity rationing continues and water must be purchased from private companies.

Nevertheless, the testimony they declare is; “God is with us as a Church and with our Aglow ministry. The activity has not stopped, on the contrary now we are more diligent, not lazy; fervent in Spirit, serving the Lord.”

The Lord spoke to us that Aglow would be a visual aid for the whole world to see. Our Aglow family in Venezuela is standing as a visual aid for not only those in their nation to see that God is faithful; they are a testament that God is faithful to His people and provides during the toughest times. Well done Aglow Venezuela!