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Bluff Hill New Zealand
Bluff Hill New Zealand

All over the earth, God is moving! And especially in New Zealand! On a recent cold morning, members of Aglow went up Bluff Hill and to other high points in Napier, praying for revival. One specific request was that the younger generation would have fire in their bellies. Another specific request was that Godly people with integrity would be elected in the upcoming elections in October. 

Maryanne Macintosh, President of Hawkes Bay (Napier) Aglow group told how the shofar was sounded over the coastline of Hawke’s Bay, and many declarations were decreed. “We will prepare the way for the Lord in our land! Build a pathway for Him in the desert places! Remove every obstacle, that His Glory might be revealed for all to see! His Name is exalted above every other!”

Yvonne Bartlett, National Prayer Coordinator of New Zealand, sent a special word to the Hawkes Bay group. “I am standing as one with you all today. I am believing as you gather under the banner of our King, Heaven comes down and His glorious Presence fills the atmosphere. His breath fans out of your hearts into a brilliant bonfire and His passion is stoking revival fires throughout Napier and all of Hawke’s Bay!”

Maryanne’s sister sent this message to the group, “I am praying for our land and I felt Holy Spirit say that God wants to come into our land like the Hawke’s Bay flood. Not in a destructive way, but in the way that it affected everything – people’s lives, businesses, homes, relationships, communities, communication, government and so forth. God wants to flood every part of New Zealand with His Love, Grace, Compassion, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Justice, Mercy, Peace, and Prosperity. God wants His Government to cover our land with His Glory cloud.”

Maryanne said that after the powerful decrees took place, a shift took place in the atmosphere over New Zealand. God’s Goodness has begun as hundreds of people have streamed into Hawke’s Bay to help in any way that they can. This has brought great hope to many dispossessed people.”

God is faithful to His Word. He has not forgotten New Zealand and He has not forgotten your nation! You will see the Goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Psalm 27:13