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Divine multiplication in Papua New Guinea

 Maggie Seko and her husband Pastor Samson Seko were a faithful Aglow couple. Maggie served as Local Aglow President in the Papua New Guinea chapter in Goroka, and Pastor Samson was a former LocalAdvisor to Aglow Goroka. For years he had been a great support to the local Aglow and also to the Aglow National Committee by participating in the National Conferences and at one time, as a speaker. Christmas Day 2019 found Pastor Seko away from home in Port Moresby where he was invited to speak at the church. After preaching that Christmas Day Maggie’s dear husband passed into glory shortly after preaching the Christmas message.

Felecia Dobunaba, Aglow National Committee President for PNG, was able to connect with Maggie earlier this year and shared the following:

“I was able to meet Maggie the first week of February this year when I visited my daughter and her family who had just moved to Goroka. Together we had a time of weeping, sharing, and prayer as we met in my daughter’s home. What a precious time we shared together.”

During our visit I asked Maggie if she was able to continue on as Local President. Maggie said yes, as l believed she would. She had bought a block (a plot of land in a rural area) just out of town and had just completed building her small house where she hoped her whole family could live together. She had a thriving garden of vegetables and flowers, having previously been employed as a "didimeri" (a woman agriculturalist). Maggie absolutely loves her flowers. Maggie felt in her spirit that she should continue on as Local President until she found a good leader to replace her.

Last month, Maggie sent a test telling us that Aglow Goroka had just held their meeting at her house for the second time. The first time they had met there, fifteen women attended and at this second meeting forty women attended! We are still not sure how they all could fit in to her house. Maggie said it was a beautiful meeting. God is indeed doing a new thing in Aglow Goroka.”

Multiplication was coming through the widow’s mite!