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Miracles in Queensland

Persisting from January of 2017, weather conditions in many parts of Australia have been the driest on record threatening farms and crops.

Sharon from Warwick Australia Aglow shares a miracle that happened on her farm in Queensland:

After arriving back from the Perth Leader’s summit to our farm in Maryvale,Queensland, I came home to my very desperate husband who was in a real bad situation with water here at Spicers Peak Station. Chris (my husband) had been working enormous hours to try keep the cattle alive. I arrived home full of faith and I knew my God. He wanted to do good to His people. I went and prayed for the bore/well and waited for the miracle but nothing happened.

Holy Spirit spoke that I should keep on pushing forward. Well, I went back down to pray again for the bore/well. I declared and believed, then started the pump and went to where it would first come out at the tanks down the road. Still no water was being pumped.

I felt a bit disheartened, but Holy Spirit quickened me to go to the next pump point. This made no sense! I felt far enough out of my comfort zone and I wasn't about to tell Chris that we should go to the next pump point. Suddenly Chris said, “Let’s go to the next water point."

Oh my goodness, I had the ute/car just about air-born as I raced through the paddocks to the next pump point. On arrival, I jumped out of the car to hear the sound of water pumping at huge rates! Big water pipes pumping lots of water! I danced and yahooed and praised and screamed and jumped up and down. The water tasted fresh and the flow was strong.

God turned up and gave us a miracle - all it took was one to believe. God is looking for a remnant of people who will believe. This is our time. We are all standing at attention. Keep charging forward. Keep taking that ground.

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