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The Diwaniya - The Rest of the Story, TV Series has been airing for nearly 20 years and is specifically designed for Arab Muslim women throughout the Middle East, Europe, North Africa and North America by presenting the Gospel of Christ in a culturally sensitive manner.

A woman recently sent in a testimony of her experience. She writes,

My husband locks the TV set in a closet, so I can only watch TV when he is at home, and am forced to watch his favorite shows. He gave another family member a key, and while watching TV together we came across the Diwaniya shows. The program lets me know that I’m not alone living with my abusive husband. I feel that these women are going through what most Muslim women experience. Their stories give me hope for freedom.

I immediately told the women in my family, neighbors and other female friends about Diwaniya, and we watched it daily now whenever we are able. Our access to watch TV is our satellite dishes, as most of our villages do not have internet access.

Watch Diwaniya episodes online.