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 El Salvador - a nation of contrasts
  1. The nation of El Salvador is the smallest of the Central American nations, just over 21,000 square miles in size. ... But it is the most densely populated nation in the Americas. 
  2. El Salvador is, sadly, a nation held by gang violence and has been called "the deadliest place on earth that is not a war zone." ... But it is also a nation boasting religious freedom, with 80% of the population Christian.
  3. And in the midst of all this ... El Salvador is among the strongest and most vibrant nations for Aglow!

Recently the Aglow El Salvador National President, Ilsa de Ramos, gave a wonderful report of their ministry activities and victories throughout 2020. Built on a strong foundation of Bible study and prayer, evangelistic events and works of mercy involved visits to hospitals, schools, orphanages, and rural communities. Nearly 3,000 people heard the Gospel message during all these events, with many receiving the gift of salvation or being reconciled to the Lord. Some activities were able to be done face to face, and others virtually.

Forty-three prayer and intercession groups met, involving nearly 500 people who met (virtually and regularly throughout the year) to fight in prayer for the needs of the country and the whole world. Through this, God blessed them with miracles of provision, family protection, jobs and healings.

And every month in this small nation of El Salvador, 1,700 people gathered in over 40 Bible study groups to study and be strengthened through the Word of God.

Ilsa shared with us these beautiful words:

We thank the Lord that in His mercy He allows us to reach the end of this year of work in victory.

 As God's people and ministry we have been tested, and the experience has been beautiful. Despite difficult situations, this ministry has continued to walk doing the good work of the Lord. We can say that this year has been a year of opportunity. A year to overcome the "I cannot." A year of teaching and learning. A year to strengthen ourselves in unity, all pursuing the same purpose, doing the good work for which we have been created.

All of us are as bees in a honeycomb. The Lord has been faithful. I believe that in this time we have provoked God's smile. We have heard His voice, "How well they are doing it. ALL THE GLORY TO GOD.

Great things the Lord has done with us; we are happy. Psalm 126:3