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How We Encourage One Another

Recently a letter was received by email from the members of the Aglow National Board in Panama. They wrote about how encouraged they are to receive good news from Aglow International in the midst of the fears and chaos being spread across our daily news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

In their letter they wrote, "Each taste of information we receive transmits strength, hope and faith. In each letter we receive a special snack from heaven."

Those words expressing the encouragement they received were also words of encouragement for all of us at Aglow International headquarters! We were blessed to know that the communications we are sending out to the Aglow family around the world are making a difference in their lives. Strength is being drawn from the things we are sending, and Aglow leaders around the world are continuing to walk forward with the ministry in their nations.

The leaders in Aglow Panama went on to share how they are handling the COVID-19 crisis.

They said, “We are being obedient to government and health authorities. In a meeting with all the officers of the National Board, in total agreement we decided to suspend all public meetings until the Minister of Health indicates that the restrictions are lifted. We also declared 3 days of fasting and prayer nationwide. Each one at home and in joint prayer through the cell phone, tablet or computer.

There is much alarm and shock at the situation we are experiencing, but Aglow does not stop its work. We are at home but we continue to do the work and maintain permanent communication with the Aglow family.

We continue to pray as one, until we see the full response from God.

The letter was signed, Mitzela A. de Caballero, Secretaria Aglow Panama