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Aglow Generations El Salvador

Recently, Aglow Generations Director, Anna Gibbons, received an update from Iliana Orantes, Aglow El Salvador Generations leader.

Iliana writes,

Hello, Anna, it's a pleasure to greet you and tell you what God has allowed us to do in El Salvador through Aglow Generations.

This year we have grown to four groups. The first one meets on Mondays at the Aglow House with whole families, their small children and teenagers. We are developing the GameChangers Manual in all our discipleship groups and have had miracles of healing and family restoration in this group.

On Wednesdays the Mothers of Generations group meets, attended by mothers of different ages, young girls and some single girls. We have some that attend with their little ones. They have really grown in their faith and personal development.

On Fridays the largest group of youth meets led by Miguel and Diana, and twice a month we have a fourth group that meets at a government office. They bring together families, and their priority is biblical teaching to the children of employees. This group recently had a ministry retreat where many received baptism and training in different spiritual gifts.

By the works of mercy we have visited with the young people of a missionary community in which we serve the children with Bible classes and attend a shelter for the elderly every Thursday with food and preaching. This has allowed us to integrate the four groups to serve as a single light of hope and love, a discipleship of transformation that is impacting our community.

We also minister at a hostel which provides public housing for older adults, young people and children who do not have a place to live. The hostel provides them with a bed and food. 75 to 90 adults and 20 to 25 minors are housed nightly. Most of them have no family or formal work, and many have illnesses or addictions.

We have seen God work there in an amazing way. Some have already left alcoholism and drugs, attend a church, others are already working informally, and have new faces of peace and joy. God has allowed us to be able to partner with this mission providing the needs with clothes, medicines, and personal hygiene products. He is even opening doors for us to help with training and employment. This work excites my heart, and makes us all work in unity. What we have learned from Jesus, we put to work.

We have an average of 100 people a week attend the different discipleship groups, an average of 50 children assisting in missions, and 100 people weekly receiving food in the shelter. God has been faithful. He has supported us so much with his Word, presence and provision.

“We are in a presidential election year, so we ask you for a special prayer for God to bless us with a good government that allows us to continue preaching Jesus with freedom. Violence has had a great effect on the national youth, in deaths and family disintegration, but we cry out for God to bring freedom and peace.

We also cry out for every young man and woman who attends our meetings so that their hearts are always ready to learn from Jesus, to share with the needy, and to witness the power of God everywhere. Thank you for your prayers and service.

Iliana Orantes,
El Salvador Generations leader