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Our Solid Rock

In mid-December our International President Jane Hansen Hoyt wrote a blog entitled Our Solid Rock. If you missed it, click here. Please read it and be encouraged. At International Headquarters we received many responses from Aglow leaders around the world, commenting on the timeliness of this word in their own lives and nations. One leader said she planned to read it at their end-of-year Aglow meeting. Another said it gave her courage and she was so grateful for God’s words speaking into her life.

We want to share with you the response received from Monica Kagume, our Aglow Kenya National President. Monica shared:

“Aaamen. God always keenly listens attentively to answer us for his own glory. That is my experience especially since March this year during the lockdown; I have had 9 miracles in a row for which I really praise God just because I had time to seek God more than ever before.”

As you enter into 2021, possibly still feeling the weight of pandemic restrictions and wondering what this new year will hold for you personally, and for all of us, remember what Jane shared in that blog …

“We know he cares. We know He is aware of the waves that threaten to overwhelm us. But He speaks those same words to us. “Why are you so fearful?” Nothing can undo or upset His ultimate plan. He looks to us to stand in faith, speaking it forth…bringing Heaven to earth…in every situation.”