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2020 has been quite the year! COVID-19…fires…storms…financial impacts…. All of these are part of what make up this challenging and unique year. So much of this has been unplanned, unexpected. But this year has also brought a lot of unexpected positives – and we see that even in Aglow.

With regard to the affiliations of Aglow groups outside the United States, it is quite normal to receive news of inactive Aglow Lighthouses in a given year. Leaders move, populations change, and seasons do as well. So it was no surprise to receive news from our international leaders about some Lighthouse updates, especially in a year where we are globally being discouraged to meet in groups.

It was, however, a surprise to receive a substantial number of new International Applications for Affiliation so far in 2020. New Aglow groups in the areas of Men of Issachar, Generations, and Lighthouses have all been affiliated this year in nations outside the US. Aglow groups around the world have transitioned from meeting in person to meetings via Zoom and other social media. Group members are keeping in contact over phone and e-mail. Is it the same? No. But is it worthwhile? Yes!

2020 may have torn a lot down, but there are somethings it can’t stop from rising up. Our great God has His hand on Aglow in the good times and in the difficult times. With His leading, Aglow will continue propelling the Kingdom forward in the nations! To God be the glory!