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Aglow AremeniaAt the end of 2023, leaders from Aglow Denmark visited the Aglow women in Armenia. Ruth Kupeian and Ruzanna Torosyan, leaders on the Armenia National Board, shared about the one-day conference in Armenia and events that took place the remainder of the year. 

“We are very thankful for this timely visit from the Aglow women from Denmark National Board, namely, Inger Porsen, President, and other board members, Marianne Christensen, Ellen Pedersen, and Tina Lawal. Our nation had just gone through its latest and one of its most painful tragedies, where 120 thousand Armenians were forced from their homeland and lost everything they possessed and some even their loved ones. 

We held a one-day conference for our Aglow women in early November. About 25 women attended, most from Artsakh or Nagorno Karabagh, where the war and deportations had just happened.

In her speaking part, Inger wondered why our nation suffers so much. She said that she had a revelation that our pain was like birth pangs and that this nation was birthing something new into the world. This word was mighty and prophetic and touched our hearts deeply. Ellen shared her testimony very sensitively, making herself vulnerable. Marianne shared about her past in the occult and how she became free. Our Armenian women heard much-needed testimonies and examples. Tina asked the group to share what’s on their heart to pray about. People shared and opened up. During this time, the Holy Spirit ministered to these lovely women, showing expressions of tears and deep emotions. Much needed healing came from the Lord. The tears were their most considerable feedback or response.

Since then, we have had answers to our prayers and testimonies from the women. 

Angela is a pastor’s wife who has not attended any meetings since the war in 2020. She felt discouraged, disillusioned, and hopeless, so her husband took her to the doctor to see if he could do anything. One of our leaders invited her to this meeting, Angela decided to come. She said that something began to heal in her during this time, and she was so grateful to God for all of you. She has been coming to the meetings since then and wants to continue. The healing is ongoing in her life. 

Astghik, who also volunteered to translate, said the timing was so fitting that the conference seemed just for her. She said there have been miracles and changes in her personal life since then. 

Dana, a Jewish American missionary living in Armenia, was really touched, and this is what she wrote to us the next day:

“Please convey to our dear Danish sisters my gratefulness for their time, effort, and ministry of love for us women yesterday. The Spirit was heavily upon us, ushered in by their humility and zeal for God. The blessing of the time can’t be measured…” 

Anna found this to be so important that the testimonies of our Danish sisters were life-changing, and she was deeply blessed by the individual prayer time. As an answer to the prayers, within a week, her prodigal son came home by surprise after many years of living in another country. Even though there are many challenges ahead, she continues to pray and believes that one day, her son will also give testimony of what God did in his life. 

I had asked for prayer for my son, with whom I had no contact for several months. Within a short time, he began to write and seek contact with me, and I was so blessed that God was continuing to work in his life. This was another miracle. 

It was an excellent opportunity for the Artsakh people to learn about giving their testimony. In our last gathering on December 9, four gave testimony about what God did in their life recently, including Gayane, who lost two brothers during the wars and has not been very active in the meetings. They could participate in some meetings during the gathering of the global family of Watchmen for the Nations, where Asher Intrater was also present. This happened in Yerevan in November. Many amazing things happened there, and God began healing these women, our nation, and our people.

We are so touched by you all for being open with us, making yourselves vulnerable, and sharing from your hearts while following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You are an inspiration and a good example for us. 

We also had a Christmas gathering and used the finances you gave us to help 15-20 families from Artsakh. There is still a great need as families try to pay rent, find jobs, and find more permanent housing solutions. 

We love you and are so grateful to you. Thank you again and again for being willing to come and give of yourselves at such a Kairos time in our nation. May God bless you all a thousand-fold!” 

Please continue to pray for our Aglow family, many of whom are in war-torn nations.