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Immune to Fear

2020 was also a challenge for the Aglow Germany Ansbach team, as they shared in the following testimony: 

In mid-January we had a nice, cozy get-together of our Aglow Group. In March we had wanted to celebrate our 3rd anniversary. Unfortunately, this appointment had to be cancelled shortly before the lockdown. But we always lived in the confidence that there would soon be another meeting.

Yes, and finally it was time. On 15 September we met on the topic of "Immune to Fear". ​Following protocol for the restrictions imposed by new hygiene guidelines, we ​were able to find an acceptable space ​for our meeting and treats for our numerous guests. It was also revealed that many women had missed our meetings. Our collaborators shared their experiences over the past few months, their ups and downs, and how the Lord carried them through all of this. It was also heard that during this difficult time many had relied on Psalm 91. This was then also in printed form as a guest gift for everyone in the place.

At the end of the blessed afternoon, we sang the song that was sung throughout the world during the crisis: "The Lord bless you" (The Blessing). The Aglow Ansbach team is looking ahead and preparing for the next meeting in March 2021.