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The God We Serve is Faithful

In a recent letter from Athy Kayimbi, Aglow National President for French-speaking Belgium, she shared a short account of their Aglow activities in this COVID-19 atmosphere. Although Athy described these times as “trying”, she also declared, The God we serve is faithful to bring us out of this pandemic.

Like Aglow in many nations their national conference has been postponed and, barring future pandemic restrictions, will take place in March of 2021. To stay in good communication and relationship with all the leaders and hostesses of their Local Aglow groups they will hold a Leadership Development training over the weekend of October 16-18, 2020.

The members of the National Board meet together weekly for prayer, using video conferencing. Since June, they have been meeting on Zoom with the local Aglow presidents of all the groups, during which they share Graham Cook’s mini studies (The Fireside Chats) and take time to pray.

In view of the present conditions in the nation all their Aglow breakfast meetings have been suspended for the time being, and they have encouraged the local presidents to hold prayer meetings on Zoom with the participants of their groups. 

In closing, Athy shared what might be the prayer on each of our hearts. She shared, “We are aware that things may not go back to what they were before, and we pray the Lord to inspire us and give us wisdom to manage things according to His will.” 

Amen. May we do all things according to His will.