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European Leaders Gathering
L-R: Dominique Gnousoumou, Edda Swan, Rebeka Sastakovica

The annual European Leaders Gathering took place in Riga Latvia in January of 2020. We always love to hear how this time impacted the young leaders that attended. Many boards in Europe have been hosting events this last year with a focus to the Generations. They truly have a heart to raise up leaders and to encourage the generations to run together after the things of God. We are so grateful for all the imparting and love being extended to the next generation.

European leaders gathering 2 2020L-R: Dominique Gnousoumou, Edda Swan, Cassiana TavaresCassiana Tavares is the new Aglow President in Portugal and she was blessed to attend the Aglow Leaders Gathering. Some of the leaders had incredible prophetic words over her, laid hands on and blessed her.

Cassiana wrote about the gathering and said,

Personally, I appreciated the time with my fellow leaders. Learn from their experiences, be encouraged by their testimonies, to have communion and share the joy within us. Of course, we also had relaxing and funny moments that helped us link with each other. I also had time to pray and reflect on what the Holy Spirit is revealing God’s Kingdom on earth.

Rebeka Sastakovica was able to attend the first evening meeting before she left for Bible School. Aglow has encouraged, supported, and sent her out with prayer.

Rebeka writes,

I was able to be there for the first evening. It is so wonderful how God works. He plans something and it fits perfectly in our lives. I was there only for one night because I left for my discipleship school the next morning. But my heart was filled with love, blessings, hope and joy, because God gave me this school through Aglow and it was so meaningful for me that I could spend my last night in Latvia with the ladies from Aglow. My heart still beats faster just from that night. I was happy that I could be there to help, talk and receive prayers. They actually prayed for me and my heart melted. That evening truly put peace in me, for the travels and the next journey I was starting to experience.