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Aglow Lithuania Reaches out
Bozena Jeriomenko with elderly patient

My name is Bozena Jeriomenko - I have been a leader in Aglow Lithuania for 10 years, since 2009.

For the last four years I have been hospitalized twice a year in the neurological ward of our local hospital with severe back problems. The neurological ward is located next to the ward where seniors with complex needs are cared for. Most of them are not able to walk or feed themselves. I was praying for them and God spoke to my heart, so I began to visit these elderly people in the hospital. I started helping to feed them, to pray with them, and to read the Bible to them.

When praying at our Aglow meeting we felt the need to go and visit these dear people on Christmas. We collected some money and purchased 70 presents and went to visit them in the hospital. We spoke to them about Jesus, about God’s Kingdom and forgiveness of sin, and prayed with them.

People were very happy to see us and really appreciated us being there with them and praying for them. So now we do regular visits to the hospital once a month. We share with them the light and joy of Jesus. We tell them about healing in Jesus name and share truths from the Bible.

In December 2018 I was a patient in the hospital when I met Olga. She told me about her complicated life and health problems, while I told her about life with Jesus. Once while we were visiting together I offered to pray for her and she agreed. After the prayer she accepted Jesus as her Savior.

When we were both discharged from the hospital I invited her to Aglow. She soon joined our fellowship and is now a member of Aglow in my city in Lithuania. I also invited her to our church, and this January she came with me to the Aglow conference in Riga, Latvia. Hallelujah!

We must be open to people and God will help us in all our projects. His love will destroy all the barriers. Speak about God to everyone and He will be worshiped and glorified. God bless you.

With love,