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(L to R) Martha Frimpong, Adriana Meneghini, Evelyn Andrews
(L to R) Martha Frimpong, Adriana Meneghini, Evelyn Andrews

Five years ago, in 2013, Aglow leader Adriana Meneghini organized the very first March for Jesus in Verona, Italy. It had always been on Adriana’s heart that the evangelical pastors from different denominations would work together to evangelize, and she was very happy that several churches participated in that first March for Jesus event in her city.

Ever since then, twelve pastors from different denominations have met together every two months, to pray and organize evangelization programs in and around Verona! The dream of Adriana’s heart was coming to pass!

Through Aglow International, Adriana is organizing the March for Jesus to be held this year in Venice, Italy this coming September 22, 2018. She is blessed to report that a number of churches and Christian organizations are working together with Aglow for this event.

Adriana said, “The Lord is realizing my dream. I have been praying for this miracle for years! There are churches from different cities that now participate, and for me that is a joy. God is the one to bring His plans to completion.”

Adriana asks for our prayers as she finalizes plans for this year’s March for Jesus in Venice!

2018 Verona March for Jesus