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Armenia – the oldest Christian country in the world and home to the site where Noah’s Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat, it is surrounded by the nations of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey. A small Christian nation in the midst of great darkness and turmoil. On Saturday April 21 Aglow International headquarters received a prayer alert sent to us by the Aglow leadership in Armenia. The events of the past week in the capital city of Yerevan, Armenia have been dramatic.

  • On April 21 there were people in large numbers, many of them young people, demonstrating in the streets and demanding the resignation of the newly appointed Prime Minister who was their President for the last ten years. He led a corrupt system of government which has caused the widespread emigration of the Armenian people because of loss of hope for any possible change and betterment of their lives.

    Their urgent prayer request was two-fold: To thank God for raising up the new generation who are demanding truth and justice, praying for their protection and for God’s wisdom for the leader and participants of the movement. And also for prayer that everyone from all sides will do the right thing that is their responsibility at this time and in this situation.

  • April 22, the very next day, three leaders from the movement seeking peace and justice for the people of Armenia were arrested while leading a peaceful demonstration. Their urgent prayer request was for God’s will to prevail and that this conflict would resolve with peace and without violence or loss of lives.

  • April 23 we received word that the three were released, followed very shortly after with the announcement that the Prime Minister had resigned and had admitted that he lied to the people. Now the streets were filled with celebration for this new day for Armenia. They continued to ask for prayers that the leaders would move with wisdom of God into a more godly and Christ-based government.

    They said “Rejoice today with us, for all our prayers have been heard and we praise God and continue to persevere with the full breakthrough that our people have been longing and groaning for so many years. This is truly a Jubilee year for Armenia!

  • May 1 we received news from Armenia that the two former presidents who were in power collectively for the past twenty years, during a closed meeting with their Republican Party members have given them orders to vote against the man who is the choice of the people. Since the Republican Party has majority seats in Parliament, their vote today can have irreversible impact on what happens after to our nation.

    We ask you to remain in very alert prayer position and continue to declare and believe with us for the final victory of God's will and kingdom in our nation.

  • May 3 - After extremely tense days in the last two days, the Republican Party announced at the end of the day yesterday that they will hold another parliament election on May 8 where they will encourage the election of the people's choice. This ended a full day of strikes all over Armenia, which you can find in pictures and videos on social media.

    These are history making days in Armenia and things are changing almost daily. We have not seen such joy, humor, solidarity and caring for one another among our people. Maybe the world has not yet seen such a revolution, and this small nation may become a symbol and example of how change is possible through following Christian values and principles.

    Yet our battle is not over. This ruling regime has been known to publicly make statements and change their mind the next day and do exactly the opposite. We cannot know for sure if this is another trick to buy more time and to disperse the people. So we need to remain vigilant in prayer and fasting. We ask you to remain in prayer with us and we will persevere to the end until we see God's promises for our nation fully realized.

In the meantime, there are over half a million people in the Republic Square waiting for the turn of events. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this time window. We really believe we stand in the Portal and are believing that our nation will be able to make the breakthrough for truth and justice and will go in through this door, even if the enemy wants to do everything to stop this. We agree only with God's will and purpose being accomplished in our nation.

The Aglow leaders in Armenia write:

Thank you for your prayers but our battle is not finished. The Republican Party after a long day of questioning and giving speeches, voted against the choice of the people of Armenia, even though days before they had announced that they will not interrupt the process. This has been likened to Pharaoh hardening his heart and changing his mind last minute to go after the Israelites. We have now a more difficult and intensified political crisis. Tomorrow there is to be a widespread strike and blocking of roads all over Armenia. The situation is very serious. We are praying for the resignation of this party which has hardened its heart against its own people and for a speedy and peaceful end to this political crisis in our country. Please continue to stand with us that God's will be done and His Kingdom come in Armenia as well.

With love and hope,
Ruth and Ruzanna
(Aglow International leaders in Armenia)