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For many years Aglow Denmark has had a booth at the Annual Health Fair where 200 exhibitors present a huge selection of alternative/natural therapeutic treatments. The vendors advise on personal development, spiritual practice, crystals, and the occult, and sell natural products, music, and books.

In the midst of this, Aglow Denmark has faithfully set up a booth year after year declaring the glory of the one true God, and have prayed for healing and salvation with many. Inger Porsen, Aglow Denmark National President writes, “Just a few years ago God said to me that many of the people that go there, are His wounded children.”

Erik – one of the Aglow team, shares his testimony:

One month before the Health Fair opened I began praying for God to send me people who wanted to be saved. Before I speak and pray with people, I have learned to ask the Holy Spirit how He will meet each individual. That gives me confidence that God will show me exactly how to talk to each one about salvation.

All three days of the health fare we began with prayer experiencing an incredible presence of the Holy Spirit with peace, joy, protection and love. And each day many people stopped at our booth for conversation about Bible verses, many receiving prayer. All of them experienced a touch of the Spirit of God, and the presence of Jesus, peace and love. Many found healing for grief, anxiety, abuse and worries.

This year I prayed the salvation prayer with five people and they received new life in Christ. All got good guidance, accompanying literature and addresses, so they can contact us and other churches.

A young man - 25-30 years old came to our booth. I offered him a card with quotes from the Bible. He read it, we talked about it, and I offered to pray for him. He gratefully accepted the invitation wanting prayer so for God to show him who He is. This young man’s  image of God had very been often broken to pieces. I prayed for him, and God's presence flooded him with power and glory. Then he told me that within the past 6 months, Jesus appeared to him two times.

When he arrived at the Health Fair he immediately saw the Aglow booth with the banner "Jesus heals today", and knew that he had to go there. I told him about salvation, justification by faith, and sanctification, and offered to pray for him for salvation. He wanted that, so I lead him through the prayer of salvation. He was deeply grateful. Then he said that in the midst of the joy he experienced grief because just 2 weeks prior he had an operation for thyroid cancer, and the cancer had also spread to lymph nodes in the neck. We prayed for full recovery, and thanked God for the new life in Christ Jesus, that he just received. He was deeply grateful and received relevant literature and addresses. I urged him to contact us in the future.

Inger concludes, “Although there were fewer visitors at the Health Fair this year, we had more people at our booth than in previous years. They wanted to talk about the Bible verses we handed out. We also prayed with more people for salvation. It was simply amazing to experience, and I am deeply grateful to God. I also thank all Aglow groups who prayed for us during the outreach. We felt surrounded and protected by the Holy Spirit.”