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Trinidad and Tobago Retreat

2023 5 16 trinidad tobagoAfter a weekend retreat, Margaret George, National Committee President in Trinidad and Tobago, sent us a report of the success. The theme was Divine Encounters and included ministry, empowerment, and an outreach project within the Acono community where they partnered with a local church to prepare bags of essentials to help those in need. 84 people with 37 Aglow members were in attendance.

The day of the outreach was filled with songs of praise, worship, and the Word. Opportunity was made to pray for those who were in need of healing, as well as, other needs. There was a special time for repentance, salvation, and the distribution of the bags of essentials. The hope is that a new Aglow Lighthouse will be established in Acono in the future. 

God has spoken to Aglow in 2006 telling us that there would be an Aglow group in every town, village, and city around the world. While that seems HUGE, nothing is impossible when God is with us. We would love to know the communities that are being targeted for new groups so we can add our prayers to yours for the leaders to arise. When you know who you are and you know who God will be for you, you can rise up and become the leader God sees in you even if you do not feel qualified. He is the One who qualifies you! 

If you are living in a town with an Aglow group, gather a few friends and begin praying, then contact us and we will connect you with leaders in your area who will walk you through the painless affiliation process.