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Unity is a Powerful Weapon

The Aglow Kalimpong Area, located in Northern India, was able to meet together for a two-day Aglow Leadership Training retreat recently. This was their first gathering since the pandemic began in 2020 and there were 30 in attendance. Along with training given by the Area Board leadership, the Aglow women celebrated a newly affiliated Aglow Local Group as well as two new Aglow Candlelight Groups.

The opening session was led by Area President, Rebecca Karthak. Rebecca shared the qualities of leadership very clearly. Aglow women could gain the knowledge of Aglow Leadership qualities distinctly from references in the Bible. Unity is most important in Aglow Leadership. With this in mind, Aglow Locals need to follow the guidelines from the Aglow Local Handbook. Otherwise Aglow cannot work smoothly and progressively and for this purpose, the leader should recognize and encourage Aglow members to use their talents for the glory of the Lord.

One session was about what a powerful experience it is to hold prayer walks which the Aglow women have done in recent days. The Aglow Local Groups envision doing more prayer walks in the days to come as they have experienced how praying together in unity is their most powerful weapon in the fight against evil. Prayer walking destroys the plans of the enemy in areas where there are strongholds. The Aglow women are also moving regularly in intercessory prayer and testify of receiving answers to their prayers from the Holy Spirit. Some examples of prayer warriors from the Bible were given and the Aglow women gave testimonies of how being a part of Aglow has made them strong, bold, smart as well as humble. The result is they are leading a very blessed life.

One woman shared a testimony of how the Lord healed her completely from Covid which had made her very weak. For many months she did not give up hope. She always trusted in God’s promises in the Bible, which helped her to be healed completely. Now she is very healthy and sound.

During the training, there was a time of praying in tongues and many Aglow women were touched by the Holy Spirit. The Aglow Kalimpong Area women felt very blessed by the two days of living in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

He is not far from each one of us. For in Him we live and move and exist [that is, in Him we actually have our being]! Acts 17:27-28 AMP