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Pakistan Medical Outreach

Unity brings healing to the people in Pakistan

In Pakistan at this time, hospitals are filled to capacity with many people needing medical help being turned away.

When a free medical camp was arranged at Shekinah Bible Church. Aglow leader, Dr. Tahira Saleem was asked to participate.

A government medical team came to give vaccinations, and along with that there was free testing for hepatitis B and C. Those who had negative results ​for hepatitis were given vaccination for hepatitis B and those with positive results received free treatment. A Gynecologist, Orthopedic surgeon and Gastroenterologist checked over about 150 patients. A total of around 500 people were taken care of in the camp.

Dr. Tahira shared the following:

What I want most to let you know is after the patients were registered they went to the next cabin where we had 4 pastors who prayed for each and every person before going to the doctor or receiving vaccines. These included people from other religions, also. Many came back with healing testimonies!

The city news channel team was giving coverage. We have been arranging medical camps for a long time in this pattern and had many testimonies. But this was the first of its kind, as the government teams were involved, and it was arranged in a church.

Thank you so much for your continuous prayers for Pakistan. Do remember us in your prayers that the Lord provides our needs to continue HIS work to extend the kingdom of God.

The needs are great in Pakistan and as the church and the medical doctors worked together in unity many were helped and healed. The Lord was truly glorified on that day as the hurting and sick were ministered to first in the spiritual and then in the physical.