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Revival and Multiplication

God is moving mightily in the Philippines! Aglow Philippines has seen Prayer Watches increase, groups have more attendees at meetings than expected, and lukewarm Lighthouses being ignited. Our National President, Tessie Felicio, sent the below report to share all God is doing.

The Aglow Philippines Board are continuously moving by the supreme grace of our Lord in reinforcing our Lighthouses and opening new Aglow Lighthouses in this province. Since travel is restricted to cross other islands, our goal is to visit Lighthouses nearby, doing retreats and trainings. A few months ago, the others regions (Tuguegarao and Laguna) were hit by flash floods. We managed to send relief goods, and other medical supplies. Our other Lighthouses extended their assistance so we could do this.

Furthermore, due to the effects of this Pandemic, Aglow group is joining the 24/7 Prayer Watches. We have received powerful testimonies of the working miracles of the Lord, protection, preservation and progress.

Since February, we’re able to gather Men and Women in different districts with more than a hundred participants. New Lighthouses, like Pamplona, Bayawan, Sta. Catalina have opened and in the next few days we shall open another one in Mabinay. The lukewarm groups and Lighthouses are now ignited. These people are so hungry for God that we go beyond the numbers we expected, and usually, the attendance tripled. Hallelujah!

The Generations group also are rising up to the next level by the power of the Holy Spirit. They had Divine Encounters especially during the overnight prayers they were doing. In February 2021, Aglow Generations Philippines hosted a meeting for young professionals with over 70 participants. They plan to start meeting every other month for the equipping and fellowship of believers. The gathering was filled with worship, fellowship, testimonies, encouragement and the Word. Some of the Aglow Board members shared, blessed and prayed for the young professionals.

Our Zoom meetings did really help and encourage us to be continuously connected, especially the latest Zoom meeting with Nancy McDaniel. Indeed, the torrential move of the Holy Spirit is evident these days. We follow the weekly messages of Jane, such a refreshing flow of His Spirit inside us.

Despite these challenging times, we stand still and strong, knowing that Greater is HE who is in us, than he that is in the world. Let us finish the race well!

We have been receiving feedback that Aglow has become a great blessing to the islands and I believe in this whole country too!

Watch the Aglow Philippines Generations video