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Aglow Taiwan Propelling the Kingdom ForwardAglow headquarters just received news that a 21st Century GameChangers group has just begun in southern Taiwan. This is a new Aglow group for this part of Taiwan. The people attending are enjoying themselves as they begin their journey to becoming GameChangers. Below is the Aglow Leader’s story about this new group.

We’ve just started a brand new GameChangers class in Tainan, Taiwan. Once a week every Monday night, almost 20 people gather together to share, learn how to be a Lighthouse God calls us to be - especially in this trying time. Today is our second class, already we are receiving good feedback and how GameChangers principle changed our thinking and how we deal with negative thoughts. 

We appreciate your prayers as we continue this class in the weeks to follow. Let’s partner in prayer to Propel the Kingdom Forward.

Thank you for praying for this new group as well as the Aglow Candlelight’s in this beautiful Asian Nation. May they be fruitful in all they do to build the Kingdom in Taiwan.