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A Labor of Love from Aglow Japan

We are living in challenging times globally and yet, in spite of the isolation due to the worldwide pandemic, Aglow continues to move forward in the nations. One example is the Aglow Japan National Board and the ways they are encouraging their local fellowships to rise higher and propel the Kingdom forward. They are doing this by meeting monthly via Zoom. Along with that, Aglow Japan has also been translating and making available to their local fellowships the powerful GameChanging Truths for Fireside Chats. So far they have translated seven of the Fireside Chats for individual growth and for building up Aglow groups. Kiyomi Yamamoto, VP of Leaderships Training shared the following. 

Though it is a difficult time for every nation, God is always good to us. Some Local Aglow groups here can meet regularly but the others groups in bigger cities cannot because of the pandemic. Our national board and local presidents get together once a month on Zoom as well as all Aglow members here worship the Lord online once a month.

Taking advantage of this quiet time, Aglow Japan is translating all materials of the “Game Changing Truth for Fireside Chats” located on the Aglow website, so that the Local Fellowships can study them by themselves.

Because Aglow Japan has made this labor of love available for use on the Aglow website, many more Japanese speaking people will be touched by these messages. We give God thanks for the generous spirit we see in our Aglow Japan sisters!

In case you were wondering…..

God has been building a new breed of leader in Aglow through the intentional messages we have been hearing. We are becoming leaders who visually demonstrate life in the Kingdom throughout the nations of the world.

It is no longer family business as usual. We are also the Army of God. Jesus wanted His disciples to know who He was so they could learn to walk with Him in that context. Knowing who the attendees in your group are from Heaven’s view point will cause you to walk together with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence.

These Fireside Chats are short GameChanging Truths based on real life experiences with practical applications. They are designed to engage attendees in conversations that will reveal individual identities as they reinforce the teachings of Game and LifeChangers. As you partner with corporate prophetic words, as well as, local prophetic words, assignments will become clear. This is going to be a great journey!

The Japanese Leadership Development files can be found on a separate page as there is not an entire website dedicated to that language. Here is the link below:

To access the French, Spanish and Portuguese Fireside Chats the user can click on the little flags just below the page title on the English Fireside Chat page.

Here are the links:

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