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Seeing is believing…?

Recently, the Aglow Hong Kong Generations held a Zoom meeting with the purpose of connecting young Chinese people from different nations (speaking Chinese/English). The invitations for this meeting were extended to the Aglow Generations groups in Indonesia and Sri Lanka to test the response before inviting other Asian nations in the future. The word of this Zoom meeting spread fast and a total of 78 people from 14 cities registered for the event! The nations participating included Singapore, Vietnam, Mainland China, Australia, United Kingdom, and also Israel!

The topic for the meeting was “Seeing is Believing...?”  The discussion was about perception and perspective, and how we can believe God even when we cannot see Him. The importance of having God’s perspective in social issues, politics, relationships, and sin was stressed. The Generations were challenged to be discerning and to keep their hearts pure as in Matt. 5:8 - “Blessed are those who are pure in heart for they will see God”!

Some of the feedback the leaders received from the participants were: “It was thought provoking”, “I was touched when asked to put those who have different opinions and perspectives in my heart,” and, “It was great to see the different nations worshiping together”!

Praise God for His love for the younger generations and for their desire to know God’s ways. May they continue to pursue God and to grow in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man!