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Aglow Nepal - God Has A Plan

God has a Plan for Aglow in Times Such as These

Below is a powerful testimony from an Aglow Nepal National Leader showing how the Holy Spirit revealed His plans and purposes for Aglow in these times.

I was watching Jane’s video message yesterday and preparing a prayer letter in Nepali. I am currently quarantined and working from home.

In December (just before Christmas), Aglow Nepal had a full night prayer gathering with the leaders. It was amazing what God showed to us and later a few leaders confirmed it as well. We were to go back and start prayer cells again in Nepal. Very strong and powerful prayer cells are needed for this country and this is what God revealed to us.

And we did start at the beginning of this year…local chapters are going to prayer walk every month on the next morning following their monthly fellowship. One Aglow Nepal Local Fellowship went on an early morning prayer walk at 6 am in spite of the freezing cold and this is just from one chapter. (See pictures) I also join them and its so refreshing for all of us. Its much more practical to meet this way in small groups.

Now the time has come that the whole church is confined to a small room, small groups of people. We are actually meeting in house groups. Prayer cells are becoming more effective now. I have translated Jane’s messages and new prayer topics and sent these to the leaders.

I feel amazed how Aglow Nepal is already going ahead with what the Lord showed and prepared us to do. He is an amazing God. Yes, as Jane says, these times are opportunities for us to go higher. More time to spend with God because now we are a bit more relaxed with the daily hustle bustle as there is not much is going on.

We will continue to pray for all people, all groups, for the nations, claiming God’s promised protection!

He will bring us through more mature and strong warriors.

Aglow, God has been preparing us for this time in history. Each one of us has been strategically place by Him in our nation as prayer warriors. We know the power of prayer in our lives. As we go higher in Him during this world crisis, may the lights we carry shine brightly in the darkness drawing others to Himself. This is His Plan!