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Built Up as a Victor

Wang Ling sent this personal testimony of transformation after being involved in Aglow in her nation for only one year.

“My life has changed tremendously since I came to Aglow last year. In my personal identity, I was very weak most of the time and was easily defeated by sin. I, also, lived in the state of being a victim. Being in Aglow has helped me to see differently. I now know my real identity from Heaven’s view and I am built up as a victor!

Another huge change has been my relationship with my husband. As I learned to reframe my thoughts to align with the mind of Christ, I no longer feel hurt from my husband. I accept him with mercy and pray for him and my marriage is becoming more and more harmonious. I thank Aglow for the transformation teachings I have been learning.”

All of us have lived below the line of privilege that Christ purchased for us through the complete work of the Cross. Both freedom and growth are great byproducts of the teachings in GameChangers and LifeChangers. Find out more about these personal development courses.

We are in a time where God is growing up His people to become mature sons and daughters. Learn how to turn problems into possibilities, live out of the new man, and discover who you really are in Christ.