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I Learned How Heaven Sees Me

Testimonies are coming in from those who have been transformed because of their processing through the GameChangers teachings.

Francie said,

GameChangers is super practical and brings forth transformation almost instantly. The first time I heard it was when Alice Tsoi, Hong Kong National Board President and Asia Regional Committee Chairman, and Joan Bennett, Asia and South Pacific Regions Global Field Office Director, taught the GameChangers course and I interpreted for them. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow! These truths are so simple and yet so easy to apply in daily life. I learned how Heaven sees me and how I already have everything my Dad has. It has been easier and fun to live this life with my true identity!

Because I fell in love with the teachings I found myself telling others how easy Christian life can be just by going through this course. I began to share the teachings in small groups and I am happy to report, it works for everyone! One lady in my group shared that she always struggles with negative thoughts, and any set back in her daily life can trigger her temper then quickly lead to depression. After learning that every problem is a possibility for God to work miracles, she was able to control her first thought when something bad happens and thank God for the miracle to come.

This change was soon noticed by her husband and children. The more she put the GameChanger truths into practice, the easier it became to fight negativity. These testimonies bring joy to my heart and encourage me to share and teach more.

We would love to hear your testimony of how these truths have transformed your life. Send your story to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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