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The Holy Spirit is actively moving in the town of Kalimpong in the northern part of India. The following is a precious story of an Aglow Kalimpong Area woman who was called upon to pray for a neighbor needing healing. This Aglow woman took her Aglow prayer oil and immediately ran to where the ill woman lay. Here is her story:

Our Lord Jesus Christ is alive. What He had done two thousand years ago He is still doing the same miracle work today also. Because He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

One night when I was in a deep sleep a big sound of knocking door made me awake. I was scared and got up first and I peeped from the window just to know who was making such sound in such an odd time. Thank God, it was a very familiar face, my neighbor! She told me, “Some women have come in my house to call you to go to their house to do healing prayer, as their beloved mom is very sick about to go to coma because of diabetes”.

I didn’t get time to change my nighty and I quickly took Aglow prayer oil and a touch light. The sick lady’s house was up in the hill. So we climbed steps breathing fatly and rushed in to the small house where the sick lady was lying on the bed with closed eyes.

Many neighbors were around her bed who were all non-Christians. Except that sick lady’s third daughter is Christian by marrying a Christian man. She might have heard about our prayer fellowship and have belief in healing. She is the lady who took initiative to call me there.

I, without hesitation, prayed for her healing by putting Aglow prayer oil on her forehead. Next day the sick lady was healed. This miracle healing has made her a very stern believer of Jesus Christ, she took baptism also.