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Aglow Goodwood South Africa GameChangers

What does Canada have in common with South Africa? Aglow women and men in both nations are excited about studying the Aglow GameChangers teachings! Individuals, families and Aglow Lighthouses are being transformed as their true identity in Christ is being revealed to them and they start living a joyful and victorious life as GameChangers!

At the Global Conference in Richmond VA, Mariette, a South African woman living in Canada, was overjoyed to meet her South African Aglow sisters. An instant bond was formed. Mariette had been part of the strong GameChangers teachings in Canada, and knew how they had blessed her life. Actually, Aglow all across Canada has been transformed by these encouraging teachings.

When Mariette later traveled to South Africa to visit family she and the Aglow South Africa National President, Zameka Sijadu, made preparations for a GameChangers training to be held. Mariette’s life had been touched by the GameChangers teachings in her home Aglow group in Canada, and she was happy to share those teachings at the Durban, South Africa, Aglow Lighthouse.

In June, 2019, women from an Aglow Lighthouse in Capetown, South Africa were able to attend a GameChangers meeting in Durban. They were so blessed, and have continued to attend GameChangers training via ZOOM meetings once a month. Look at the joyful faces of your Aglow sisters in the Goodwood Aglow Lighthouse in South Africa!