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Aglow Togo National Office


I had never seen the Aglow Togo National Headquarters Office even though I have been to Togo (West Africa) many times. I married a Togolese pastor 20 years ago in Paris!

But this July, I had the privilege of attending a prayer meeting which was hosted at the Aglow Togo Headquarters and was greatly surprised and encouraged to discover their beautiful building, right in the capital city of Lomé.

As you stand outside of the building, you cannot help but notice the beautiful orange Aglow logo, well designed and painted on the wall along with the words in French, English and Togolese language, "Be Aglow for Jesus". On the right side of the building is written 'Aglow Générations". Nothing has been left out as you can see on the photo!

Inside the building is a beautiful room, nicely decorated and air conditioned! They have an office which is open daily and other utilities rooms. I was so proud to see that Aglow in well established in my country of adoption. Aglow Togo will celebrate 30 years of ministry this fall!