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A Transformation Team of 5 people recently returned from Uganda. Here are some of the highlights of the trip from Fran, Sharon, Ginny, Jason, and Karen’s report.

At a school of about 280 kids the team used the EvangeCube to tell the children about Jesus and talk about identity and destiny. After that, Days for Girls kits were handed out to the older girls. Karen gave an excellent talk on feminine hygiene and health. The girls were very happy to receive the kits.

While Jason, Karen and Ginny were doing a leadership conference with Bishop Godfrey, Fran and Sharon were serving in a vision clinic. The Lions Club in Alaska provided 458 pairs of reading and distance glasses to distribute. The team tested eyesight with charts and distributed many reading glasses. The smiles on the people’s faces when they could see were priceless! 

While the Transformation Team was doing the vision clinic, the Uganda host team held a free medical clinic. There were so many children there, that while the team was packing up the clinic, Fran took them aside and told them the story of Jesus using the big EvangeCube. Adults listened too, and they ended with the prayer of salvation.

In the evening the team did an evangelistic event. Fran gave the greeting, Ginny gave her testimony, and Sharon gave the message using the story of the prodigal. Then the team prayed for everyone that wanted prayer, and Fran prophesied over all the children.

The following day a wedding was held, and Bishop Godfrey asked Fran to deliver the message. This was a first for Fran, but she graciously accepted and spoke about Biblical wisdom for marriage. Fran and her husband, Pete, have been married for 39 years.

The pastors who worked together for the previous evening's evangelistic event brought the team to one of the closest churches and presented them with gifts of two complete bunches of bananas fresh off the tree, a chicken and a goat. The ride back was interesting with 4 in the back seat, 4 in the middle seat, all the bananas, and the chicken and the goat in the far back with the boxes of glasses, and medical supplies. The chicken squawked now and then which made them all laugh.

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